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If you are looking for home PC repair service Specialist you come to the right place.

Computer Repair

Home PC Repair Service: Does your computer need help with your PC, printer, Network or anything related with your home computer? Call us and you will be glad you did!

Anytime you need assistance in your home or business, call us. Our technicians specialist will install, repair, upgrade, secure, or help you in the training of new software application for your business or at home. Need help on any of your component installation, network security, configuration and file sharing for printers, PC’s and other network devices we are ready to assist your. We go beyond any IT service provider to serve our customer best. We know that sometimes is hard to ask the right question to get the right answer. If we can help in anyway be assure that we will walk the extra mile for you. As we know technology moves almost as speedy of light. What is new today will be old tomorrow. Literally what is new this day will be old technology by tomorrow. Make it harder to choose what will be best for your home or business. What equipment to have to support your network for business or for fun. It’s all about communications and you need to have the best tools to perform your best in this world of technology. Its gone from using the invention of the phone to of via wireless devices with internet, email and now social media like Facebook, twitter and so on. Our customers are our top priory in our business.


We also offer onsite support to home user and small businesses.

   Our Home PC Repair Service include:


          • Home Wireless Range Solutions
          • Hardware and Software Setup
          • Virus Removal
          • Adware/Spyware Removal
          • Firewall Setup
          • File/Printer sharing
          • Wireless Security Setup 
          • Printer / Digital Camera
          • Email Setup
          • Cable Management and CleanupHardware and Software Setup
          • Virus Removal
          • Adware/Spyware Removal
          • Installation and configuration of your home or office network
          • We purge and delete any Virus or spyware
        • Optimize your PC for maximum speed and a manageable operation

                                        And much more…